can tums be taken with zoloft

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You certainly can. All tums do is increase the absorption rate. I used to take half the 5mg with Tums instead of taking the full 10mg alone. I found that I got more .
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Tums Side Effects - Complete Patient's Guide | User Reviews: Male patient, 75 years of age, took Tums |Loose Bowels|Zantac|Hives
WebMD provides information about interactions between Tums Oral and SODIUM POLYSTYRENE SULFONATE.
Can you take Tums or any type of antacid while on blood pressure medication?
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I am on can tums be taken with zoloft 75mg daily of Zoloft with .5mg Ativan prn, can tums be taken with zoloft and Flurazapam as needed for sleep. I am being treated for general anxiety disorder and panic attacks with as.
You are taking too many tums you are not getting to the root of the problem. Try taking a Prilosec in the morning when you first wake up and wait an half an hour .
Yes, but since Tums is an antacid, they need to be taken two hours apart

can tums be taken with zoloft

to keep the antacid from interferring with the effectiveness of the Claritin.
Jessica Asked: I woke up with really bad heartburn today. I
I've recently (2 days ago) been put on Zoloft, 50mg/day, for GAD. I am experiencing a number of symptoms, most of which I know are common for SSRIs.. and I know out .
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